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Make a Pie Game

For ages 6 and up Develops concepts of fractions and equivalents Directions included (including translations) Winner of the Oppenheim Gold Award This simple game of fractions takes the confusion out of fractions, because each pie piece adds to the whole pie. Handling the fractions and seeing how they are portions of the total makes the concept more understandable. Pies of different flavors are divided into halves, thirds, fourths, eighths, and sixteenths. To make a pie you'll have to spinAnd gather slices on your tin.Slices of a certain sizeWill help you to complete your pies. Spin well and take a piece of pieFrom your opponent's own supply!Finish with most pies complete?You win! Ah, victory can be sweet!
Sale price$22.00
Make a Pie Game
Make a Pie Game Sale price$22.00