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Charm Holder for chains gold Filled
Sunglasses Aviator
Sunglasses Aviator Sale price$25.00
Sunglasses Horn Rimmed
Sunglasses Horn Rimmed Sale price$15.00
Socks Off White Sheer Daisy with Orange Center
Socks Off White Sheer Zigzag Pattern
Socks White with Pink Flowers
Socks White Cable with Flower
Socks wiht Cherry Print
Socks wiht Cherry Print Sale price$12.00
Clare V. Black with Cream CIAO Orignial Tee
Rosa Pink Rose Quilted Mini Dress
Clare V. Grande Fanny Black Rattan
Clare V. Black and Cream Checkered Strap
Clare V. Cream Resin Shortie Strap
Clare V. Petit Moyen Messenger Black & Cream Woven Checker
Clare V. Petit Moyen Messenger Cream Rattan
Clare V. Grande Fanny Cream Rattan
Clare V. Midi Sac Tan Rattan
Oliphant Ellis Red Navy Stars Button Skirt
Oliphant Ellis Red Navy Stars Blouse
Oliphant Sconset Pink Print Mini Dress